Apple seed chocolate porridge
Glad Thursday 💫
The consistency is sort of good.
Strive the recipe and let me understand how you prefer it.


1 Tsp flaxseeds
1 Tsp chiaseeds
2 Tsp cocoa powder
30g oats
200ml plantmilk
half of apple

On prime:

frozen raspberries
quinoa pops

Chopp the apple. Prepare dinner oats, seeds and milk in a medium warmth. Add chopped apple and cocoa powder.


1 TL geschrotete Leinsamen
1 TL Chiasamen
2 TL Kakaopulver
30g Haferflocken
200ml Pflanzenmilch
half of Apfel


gefrorene Himbeeren
Quinoa Pops

Apfel fein würfeln. Haferflocken, Samen und Milch kochen. Den Apfel und Kakaopulver hinzugeben.