In case of a mishap to the safeguarded engine car, the group will repay the Insured for the unplanned harms supported by the protected car, outsider’s car related to the mishap, his property and actual wounds endured or passing as per the agreements of the safety technique.

Pay for Al-Shamel Insurance coverage Shoppers
In case of a mishap to the safeguarded engine car which is utilized for personal or enterprise functions, the group will repay you for the harms supported by the car by having it mounted by the endorsed studios or workplace compliant with the agreements of the safety technique if there needs to be an incidence of fractional misfortune. However, within the occasion of absolute misfortune, for instance, theft the group will reimburse the Insured in regard of the case the protected mixture or market value of the engine car at season of occasion as per the agreements of the safety technique. Whereas essentially the most excessive constraint of remuneration is as much as SR 10,000 to the holders of “SANAD Plus Motor Insurance coverage Coverage”.

Outsider’s Compensation
Assuming that the engine car protected below Al-Shamel Insurance coverage Coverage, SANAD or SANAD Plus Motor Insurance coverage Coverage, no matter whether or not personal or enterprise, brought on a mishap prompting hurt to another person’s (outsider) car or any of his property, the group can pay how a lot remuneration in actual cash both with a cash order or financial institution transfer on the report of the outsider. The pay moreover incorporates the price indicated for actual wounds or passing as articulated by a court docket choice. Probably the most excessive constraint of the group obligation below this half is not going to surpass SR 10,000,000 for each one mishap or within the whole within the technique 12 months.
The remuneration will likely be made in view of the price introduced subsequent to deducting the 15% value added cost sum, as indicated by the strategies adopted by the group.
The archive received, “Final Injury Estimate,” is a gauge and never an obligation receipt.
We’d likewise wish to deliver up that the real assist/ware has not but been supplied, and accordingly there isn’t any value added cost. There is no such thing as a difficulty with remuneration for the expense esteem within the wake of furnishing us with the final solicitations, and it’s an digital receipt addressed to the Tawuniya Insurance coverage Firm.

Strategies to be taken on mishap taking place
In case of a mishap to the safeguarded engine car, you must promptly contact Najm Firm on the quantity: 8001249990 and cling to their instructions on one of the best ways to cope with the episode whether or not by the presence of their agent or the visitors police examine the engine mishap.
The delegate of Najm Firm or Site visitors Police will go to research the auto collision and arrange the numerous report on such mishap.
The client or outsider introduced to hurt from the mishap will go to any of the “Taqdeer” focuses in Riyadh to research the car and gauge the price of harms. Within the occasion that he’s outdoors Riyadh, he ought to purchase the car’s evaluation from the studios certify by the visitors police or from the automobiles show areas president (Sheik Al-Ma’aredh).
“Taqdeer” program will ship an digital report on the hurt of the car to the group.
The client or outsider introduced to hurt from the mishap will go to the Declare Middle and current all information required.
In gentle of the report of the “Taqdeer” program for harms, the group decides whether or not the hurt of the car is fractional or full misfortune.
On the off probability that the hurt is assessed as a midway misfortune, the Firm will give a upkeep request to one of many endorsed studios to repair the hit impacted car each time coated by Al-Shamel Insurance coverage Coverage, or can pay the remuneration in actual cash to the outsider or holders of SANAD Plus Coverage.
Assuming the hurt is seen as absolute misfortune, the Firm can pay the price of the engine car to the client (as per the agreements of the safety technique gave to the client) by financial institution transfer to the report of recipient.

Claims Phrases and Situations
The remuneration in opposition to the engine mishaps is affected as per the phrases, situations and prohibitions contained within the safety technique and within the wake of ending the archives required. Any case recorded with poor supporting stories is not going to be thought of completely.
Assuming that additional supporting stories are required, the client or outsider will likely be educated.
Evaluation of the car hurt will likely be at any of the focuses of this system “Taqdeer” proper now accessible within the metropolis of Riyadh and will likely be located within the different important city areas later.
The engine mishap report needs to be marked and stepped by the visitors police and/or Namj Firm. All fields should be stuffed in with the required data.
The installment of remuneration will likely be affected in a most excessive time of fifteen (15) days from the date of ending each one of many stories required or in response to the instructions of SAMA.
Any alteration, eradication or erasure of data within the mishap report renders it invalid and void besides whether it is stepped and endorsed by the accountable energy.
The primary duplicate of the Automobile Registration (Estimara) and its Possession Deed should be furnished for coordinating with the duplicates outfitted.
To fill within the mishap warning construction involving a particular clarification by the car’s driver on how the mishap occurred.
For purchasers outdoors of Riyadh, the impacted car needs to be dropped at the closest instances administrations workplace or resolve its space for examination and to take images (if conceivable).
Getting of the case is not seen as an acknowledgment to it, and the group can pay the remuneration subsequent to confirming the uprightness and rightness of mishap strategies and their congruity with the agreements of the safety technique.
Tawuniya strikes the pay via a financial institution transfer to the client’s ledger.
To make the trade interplay extra productive, the client ought to give us his IBAN which comprises 24 characters.
Within the occasion of wounds and passing, the primary lawful deed needs to be submitted.
Within the occasion {that a} solicitation is submitted to maneuver how a lot remuneration on the report, you must append a replica of the ledger Card demonstrating the quantity and mark of the final freedom forward of time.
Assuming that your car is introduced to housebreaking, it’s essential to name the police on 999 and append a replica of the police report with the case archives submitted.
Within the event the car is introduced to sinking (due to floods) or fireplace, it’s essential to name the Civil Protection at: 998 and be part of the Civil Protection Report.

The case supporting archives
The pertinent case construction (accessible at Tawuniay).
Engine Declare Type
Engine Declare Type (Third Occasion)
Engine Declare Type – Theft
The authority report from the ability going to the occasion or mishap.
Duplicate of the Driving License (Driving License of the motive force on the hour of mishap).
Duplicate of the Automobile Registration (Estimara).
The Restore Allow Doc.
The assessments of fixing the automobiles of SANAD Plus or outsider from the “Taqdeer” focuses in Riyadh, or evaluation from the studios licensed by the visitors police or from the automobiles show areas president (Sheik Al-Ma’aredh) in numerous city communities.
A lawful court docket choice on the injuries or demise if there ought to come up an incidence of actual wounds or passing instances.
Assessments of assured car repair for these coated by Al-Shamel Coverage if there ought to come up an incidence of conviction fee on the outsider or the presence of obligation proportion on the safeguarded car.

Channels for submitting engine claims
Claims Companies Facilities
The Name Middle instrument Free Line: 8001249990
The Name Middle instrument Free Line for Third Half Claims: 8001249990

Claims Comply with-up Procedures
The Name Middle instrument Free Line: 8001249990
The Name Middle instrument Free Line for Third Half Claims: 8001249990
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