The cutest little Thanksgiving pretzel treats! These are good to throw in your kiddos college snacks or lunches! Or an excellent cute and simple seize and go Thanksgiving dessert!

Sweet corn
Sweet eyes (I get mine at Joanns. You may most likely get them at Michael’s and/or Passion foyer as nicely!)

Place pretzels on a baking tray lined with a bit of foil. Place Rolos on every pretzel. Soften the Rolos by putting them within the toaster oven or common oven for a couple of minutes. Watch them carefully! They soften quick. The Rolos will begin to look nearly shiny when they’re prepared. Take them out of the oven and thoroughly slide the foil onto a plate. Take three Sweet corn candies and press them gently into the highest half of the Rolos to create the feathers. Then take an orange M&M, flip it sideways and place it within the center backside half of the Rolos to create the beak. Add 2 sweet eyes above the M&M. Place within the fridge to harden. Take pleasure in!